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HubTrack Life™ financial solutions are at the crossroads of the HubTrack® Drive, Management & Financial Systems. 

The HubTrack® brand comes first & foremost from the HubTrack® Drive Systems, a new & proprietary multi-functional transportation system driven by helical traction & guided by means of tubular rails. 




The purchasing, renting or leasing of the HubTrack® Systems can be achieved by executing two contracts : a financing Hub-Industries Contract and an investment HubTrack Life™ Contract.

The HubTrack Life™ Contract engages End User Clients with HubTrack Capital inc., and the Hub-Industries Contract engages End User Clients with HubTrack Corp. and its Market Making Partners, Sales & Operations Franchisees, and Supply & Production Licensees.


The primary use of the HubTrack Life™ Contract is to finance indirectly HubTrack Corp. through the End User Client as a financial commitment from the End User Client to take delivery, either through the purchasing, rental or leasing, of the HubTrack® systems by means of a Hub-Industries Contract convertible loan between the End User Client and HubTrack Corp.. 

The HubTrack Life™ Contracts can be convertible in such way to enhance the financing of the purchasing, leasing, and rental of the HubTrack® Systems for their End User Clients and can serve as a means to invest in the commercialization of the HubTrack® Systems.

The Hub-Industries Contract can initially take form in a financing or in a sales contract of the HubTrack® SystemsThe Hub-Industries Contract can be converted into tradable or interest-bearing financing contracts with HubTrack Capital inc. as counterparty. Upon the financing terms of a Hub-Industries Contract purchase, rental or lease contract, the Hub-Industries Contract conversion sets way for the future ownership of the underlying assets being produced and delivered to End User Clients, namely durable and consumable goods relatively to the HubTrack® Systems.


The outcome of the conversion of the Hub-Industries Contract can vary upon the conversion of a HubTrack Life™ Contract, which is initially an investment funding contract that can be converted into buyback, leaseback and ownership rights over the HubTrack® Systems.

The dual contractual approach supports & secures safe & reliable investment solutions for investors in the HubTrack Life™ Contracts which support End User Clients of the HubTrack® Systems.


The HubTrack Life™ Contract can be useful for End User Clients to support smaller and major projects and can be profitable in many ways for investors through providing access to equity-based investment made convertible into options to finance the buyback and the leaseback of revenue-generating assets. It support customizable financial solutions for all End Users Clients with HubTrack Corp.'s Market Making Partners, Sales & Operations Franchisees, and Supply & Production Licensees; financial solutions that can be scaled and leveraged across more than 60 Hub-Industries niches in 5 main markets.

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End User Clients and partners of the Hub-Industries can be supported financially with HubTrack Life™ Contracts and contribute at creating mutually benefiting conditions among 3 primary mobility hubs of (1) production, (2) distribution and (3) transportation, and among 2 underlying mobility hubs of (a) natural resources and (b) people.




All-in-one patented drive systems made scalable into underhung conveyors & trains for the most efficient, secure & sustainable production, distribution & transportation of goods & people.

Helical Traction + Hub Wheel Motor

Overland & Self-Guiding Monorail System

b 3tubres 2_edited.jpg

Scalable & Modular For Conveyors & Trains

dual scale a b.jpg
b 3tubres_edited.jpg
model a_edited.jpg

Multifunctional & Adaptable Vehicle System


Adaptable Overland Rail

model a_edited.jpg

Powerful Torque for Inclines 


Self-Guiding & Self-Maintenance Design

Compact & Multifunctional Drive System

The HubTrack® Drive Systems are designed & managed to deliver competitive et pooling logistics operations for goods and people transportation in order for our clients & partners to provide the best products & services at the very forefront of the frontier of efficiency, security and sustainability.




Proprietary logistics operations software to define, track & control the seamless flow of multi-functional & multi-modal mobility operations at the ultimate frontier of efficiency, security & sustainability.


exec model.png

Software Platform


Algorithm & table software model system to determine the most productive logistics operations' execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems towards the pooling of production, distribution & transportation operations within & among terminals.


Software platform logo.jpg

Customizable software module system to control the pooling execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems' operations within & among multiple production, distribution & transportation systems & terminals towards an optimal network among resources, people & capital.



The Efficiency, Security & Sustainability Frontier Execution Model (FEM) facilitates the life-cycle tracking of products & services involving the HubTrack® Drive Systems, & determines their most efficient, secure & sustainable execution within & along terminals of production, distribution & transportation for resources, people & capital.



The Operation Flow Frontier Control Module (OFF) continuously controls the HubTrack® Drive Systems at the operational frontier of efficiency, security & sustainability.

To reach circular standards at best in transportation intensive sectors, the OFF relies on the capital & operational cost-minimization function of the FEM to maximize the HubTrack® Drive Systems' capacity to link or replace multiple transportation systems, & thereby to simplify operations within & among terminals. 


Frontier input allocation

Frontier output value

Efficiency, Security & Sustainability ©  

Frontier Execution Model 

Operation Flow Frontier ©  

Control Module 

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HubTrack® Corp.

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