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People, institutions, businesses and governments can support the commercialization of the HubTrack® Systems through investing directly in HubTrack Life™ Capital Contracts with HubTrack Capital inc. and authorized financial partners of HubTrack Capital inc..

The investment in HubTrack Life™ Contracts can finance the purchasing, rental, leasing, buyback, leaseback of the HubTrack® Systems with End User Clients.


HubTrack Life™ Contracts can support the shopping of durable and consumable goods among the Hub-Industries.

The HubTrack Life™ Contracts can support End User Clients through investing in the scaling of the HubTrack® Systems' production and distribution across more than 60 market hubs called ''Hub-Industries''.

The HubTrack Life™ contracts enable the financing of the End User Clients to secure their HubTrack® Systems' production and distribution through Hub-Industries Contracts with HubTrack Corp. and authorized partners, licensees and franchisees :

  • Market Making Partners

  • Supply & Production Licensees  

  • Sales & Operations Franchisees

Market Making Partners 

Supply & Production Licensees

Sales & Operations Franchisees

  • Rights & Obligations Allocation

  • Property Management

  • Legal & Capital Structure 

  • Due Diligence Process 

  • Financial Risk Coverage

  • Commercial Central Clearing

  • Logistics Execution Control

  • Quality & Life Cycle Tracking

  • Marketing & Networking

  • Central Customer Service

  • Market Application Development

  • Product & Service Customization

  • Technology Design & Certification 

  • Raw Material & Component Supply 

  • Manufacturing Production 

  • Retailing & Leasing

  • Wholesale Distribution

  • Installation & Integration

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • End User Support Service

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