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HubTrack Life™ Frontier Capital


your goals

for a sustainable future. 

For HubTrack® Systems End User Clients & Market Hubs :

  • Financing of long-lasting products and services made for maximal sustainability.

  • Financial support to achieve maximal industrial and commercial accessibility and integration among market hubs of production, distribution and transportation of goods and people with the HubTrack® Systems. 

  • Long-term financing to safely sustain and cap the long-term value of the HubTrack® Systems with HubTrack Life™ Frontier Capital Contracts.

For Investors in the HubTrack® Systems Commercialization :

  • Investment in revenue-generatinequities through HubTrack Life™ Frontier Capital Contracts by means of converting asset-based sales financing into equities that generate revenues from the HubTrack® Systems' commercialization.

  • Investment in long-term sustainable assets that provide responsible earnings and sustainable growth.

  • Investment guaranteed by tangible and sustainable assets commercialized within a liquid market of HubTrack® Systems among more than 60 industrial market hubs.

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